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More Details Coming

I'M WORKING ON IT!  In a town of under 3,000, you can't stay alive as an eatery without great food and great service.  Give this 66 year old a bit more time and I'll tell you all about the places you can eat at. (please don't correct my grammar, it's how we talk here).  We have 5 full service restaurants, several counter service eateries. Hopefully by March everything will be updated with pictures, menus, the works.  I promised myself I'd have this ready by March 1... but I keep getting interrupted with real work.  And have you ever had to work with WIX?  Yikes.  But I'm not going back to 1998 when I started with Frontpage (still have it on my computer) and HTML editing.

my place.jpg

My Place - Coffee & Cream
811 Appleway St.  (509) 560-3231

Great place for casual meetings and breakfast/lunch


Pastime  1707 Main St   (509) 476-3007


Hometown Pizza 1315 Main St.  (509) 476-2410

myplace interior.jpg


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