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WORKING ON IT:  The Oroville Initiative is run by a great group of volunteers.  But we all have other things to do, so please excuse the fact that this information is incomplete.  Over the next few weeks we hope to be adding more to it.  Under "Discover" we'll have information of places to eat, stay, play, and explore in and around Oroville.  We will have more detailed information about everything, including the bike map below.  Route information, elevation differences, places to see along the way.  All coming.  Give us a break, it's only March.  Who wants to bike on icy roads in March.  As I write this it is 28 degrees and I fell on my butt this morning just getting out of the truck.  Good think my wife wasn't watching or she would have laughed.  Don't ever trip and fall in front of her.  I'd get in trouble for saying this except she'll never come here to look at it.  (anyone out there want to take this job from a 66 year old who has other things to do, just send us an email.)

bike Oroville.jpg


Many people are discovering that our lightly traveled paved county roads make for very good bike routes. There are several loop options with Oroville at the center.  To see a larger map and route details, click on map.

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