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What's Brewing In Oroville, WA?

Updated: Feb 8

Happy Birthday to the Oroville Coffee News! The Oroville Initiative has been producing the Oroville Coffee News since September 2022 and the print version recently celebrated it's one year anniversary. The Oroville Coffee News is a monthly community newsletter that focuses specifically on Oroville WA. The Oroville Coffee News is delivered as an online email and distributed as a printed two page newsletter that is available at select local businesses. The Coffee News is a project spearheaded by the TOI to further community engagement.


The Oroville Coffee News was initially launched in September 2022 as a way to update Streetscape and TOI donors on projects donations were funding. In January 2023, the Oroville Coffee News began its print version of the newsletter and made it available at select locations on Main Street to further reach community members. The newsletter connects with local organizations (Chamber of Commerce, City of Oroville, Oroville School District, the Oroville Booster Club and local businesses) to gather information and inform the community of local happenings. The publication aims to bring informative, positive news to its audience and bridge the gap of information between Facebook users, Gazette-Tribune readers, meeting minutes from local entities and more. With its origins inform Streetscape donors (Streetscape is an auxiliary of the TOI) on how their donations were being used, the newsletter continues to have a heavy focus on the beautification of Main Street and happening that affect downtown Oroville. Read past issues here.

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