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Oroville Student Reports


Business Feature: Salted Cafe

~ written by Isabel Stokes

OHS class of '24

March 2024

There is a new coffee shop in town called Salted! Salted is located in the 1940s store here on Main Street. Salted is different from most of the coffee shops here in Oroville because it shares it’s space with a clothing store, Jamies! Jamies sells affordable woman’s clothing including sundresses, jeans, shirts and other super cute items. Not only does Salted have new clothes with your coffee experience, it also has a lot of food options. You could have breakfast, lunch or just something quick for on the go.


When Steven and I went to this shop, he tried out the BLT-A (bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado) and he said it was really good and flavorful. For drinks, they have all the coffee you could imagine. They also have plenty of non-coffee drinks like lemonade and tea.


The barista said that the most popular drinks are red-bulls. Visiting coffee

shops makes me realize how popular red bulls are in Oroville. I got a green apple italian soda with a splash of cream and Steven got a strawberry lemonade. These drinks were both so good and had just the right amount of flavor.


The biggest selling point to check this place out is the workers. The two ladies working at the counter were super sweet and very easy to interact with. They made sure we had a really great experience. If you ever want a refreshing drink, a filling meal, or a new outfit, make sure to check out the 1940s building with Salted and Jamies!

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