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Oroville Student Reports


Business Feature: Expressions

~ written by Allie Fredrickson

OHS class of '24

February 2024

Right off of Main Street sits Expressions Espresso, also known as Cori's. A place where you can sit and drink a plain old fashioned cup of coffee, or order something new and fun. The owner, Cori Thompson has owned Expressions since 2007, that's 17 years! Sitting in Cori's feels like being in your own living room, except for the amazing drinks and service. The comforting and relaxing atmosphere allows you to sit and talk to friends, study for school, or get work done. Cori says the greatest thing about owning a business is getting to talk to people and be sociable, and she sure is. It isn't often that you can go into a coffee shop and have meaningful conversations with the owner and everyone around you, but at Cori's you get just that and more. 


Some of the most popular drinks at Cori's are the White Chocolate Mocha: A coffee with a vanilla-y taste (think vanilla ice cream meets espresso), Bull-Blasters: Redbull in a variety of different flavors (try Watermelon Peach!), and Lotuses for that clean energy boost we could all use. Cori's personal favorite is the White Chocolate Mocha so be sure to give it a try.

On top of all of the amazing things Cori offers, you can also stop in for some 5 star food such as panini's, sandwiches, pretzels, and muffins. She also offers wraps loaded with chicken, ranch, tomatoes, lettuce, and bacon.

The whipped cream on top of the Blended Mocha (another drink you
should try) is the price. Cori's is the most affordable coffee shop in town! Most drinks cost about $3.50-$5. The large variety of options ensures that no matter what, you will find something you love. From Strawberry Lemonades to Chai Tea's, Cori's has the classics you love and the new drinks you're eager to try.

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