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Info Coming

Kermit would say "It's not easy being green."  For me, it's not easy finding time and brain power to put together a cogent site with titillating information.  (there is a 12 year old out there giggling right now).  But I'll get to it.  We have ghost towns to explore, historic drives, scenery to see, places to go, people to see (OK, I'm not going to list people you should visit but it flowed just then).  For now, check out these local maps:  Highland Historic Loop Drive or Many Lakes Historic Map   (OK, I'm being efficient right now [lazy] by referring you to a lot of information found at  But, hey, we are competing with the likes of Grand Coulee Dam (half of which is in our county) and Winthrop in the Methow Valley.  By the way, the scope and size of Okanogan County:  From Grand Coulee Dam to Winthrop is a 2 hour drive, as is both of those destinations to Oroville.  So forgive us if we want to concentrate on what is found HERE.

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