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Program Guidelines

Adopt-a-Park – Eligibility and Guidelines


Adopt-a-Park is open to community groups, civic groups, churches and individual citizens who may request park sites on a first-come, first-served basis. The program is managed by The Oroville Initiative in concert with the City of Oroville who has the final approval and who signs a simple agreement with participating groups or individuals. The city provides all necessary trash bags and pick up of full bags, flowers, and prepared flowerbeds.

Participants under the age of 18 must have responsible adult supervision. Groups should designate a supervisor to organize the outings, inform (TOI and/or City of Oroville) of planned litter pick-ups, and arrange for distribution of trash bags and final pick-up.

Our Mission Statement


The Adopt-a-Park program is a public service program to beautify our city parks and to create and promote neighborhood and community involvement. The AAP program encourages volunteers, with the assistance of the City of Oroville and The Oroville Initiative (TOI), to adopt a park in Oroville for regular maintenance and cleanups.

It is suggested that litter is picked up once a month during May through October.
Suggested frequency for flower tending for the same period is weekly for weeding and watering.

Policies and Commitment

By adopting a park, the activities done in the park need to benefit the majority of the park users.

  • Participation in the Adopt-a-Park program is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • A commitment of one year is desired, with first priority to sign up for following year-to-year commitments.

  • All participants under the age of 18 must have responsible adult supervision. The group supervisor should carry a first aid kit and be aware of local emergency services in case of injury.

  • For safety reasons, outings should take place only during daylight hours.

  • The group supervisor should call the City of Oroville or at 509-476-2926 or TOI at 509-560-0166 with any concerns about their adopted park.

  • The group should report any vandalism or potential safety hazards to the City of Oroville or TOI.

  • The City of Oroville and TOI can assist group supervisors in making participation in the Adopt-a-Park program fun and enjoyable.

  • The city will contact the group supervisor for special projects located in their adopted park.

  • The City welcomes suggestions for special projects located in their adopted park. The city, however reserves the right to accept or reject all suggestions and projects.

  • Adopt-a-Park participants receive all material needed, including flowers, planting materials, trash bags, etc., as well as a personalized sign placed in the park.

Get involved today!   

Contact The Oroville Initiative (TOI) or the City of Oroville for a list of available parks to adopt.

The Oroville Initiative (TOI)

(509) 477-9000


 City of Oroville

(509) 476-2926


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